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Specialists in the sale £1m to £10m businesses

We handle the sale of businesses valued between £1m and £10m. For us to consider handling a sale a business must be generating annual profits of £250k or more before tax, owner salary and owner dividends.

Prepare business sale information to emphasise all the right points. Set an appropriate valuation. Advise on a realistic timescale. Carry out extensive marketing to bring in more buyers, drive up the sale price and avoid poor terms and conditions. Approach the right potential buyers rather than the wrong ones. Obtain signed confidentiality agreements from all enquirers. Handle sale negotiations. Manage the process of due diligence. Structure sales in the most tax efficient way. Draft heads of agreement. Draft non-compete clauses. Manage the legal and other professionals involved in the sale to minimise delays and control fees. Bring tenacity and extensive experience to ensure that the sale goes through to a successful completion.

To market a business for sale we charge a monthly fee based on the annual profit of the business before tax, owner salary or owner dividends. For businesses with profits between £250k and £500k the monthly fee is £2,000, £500k to £750k is £3,000 and above £750k is £4,000. The contract period is 12 months or until sold whichever is shorter.

On a successful sale we charge 8% of the first £1m of sale proceeds and 4% of sale proceeds above £1m.

We deliver 45 Preparing and Selling Your Business workshops each year in 8 cities across the UK. The workshops cover 60 essential points about preparing and selling a business. The workshops cost £95 per attendee and are open to owners of businesses of all sizes and profit levels.

Dates, locations and online booking links are at SME Workshops

Most new clients have previously attended one of the Preparing and Selling Your Business workshops before they sign up as a client. If you wish to sign up without attending a workshop first then please get in touch at with some basic details about your business and your contact details.

We can send you e-mail alerts about newly listed businesses for sale in the £1m to £10m valuation range. Just send your contact details to

Matrix Mergers has been owned and run by Ian Benson since 2000. In the early years we focussed on selling media and professional services businesses of all sizes. In recent years we have focussed on selling £1m to £10m businesses. We bring all the experience of having successfully sold more than 200 businesses over 20 years.